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General information

What does sustainability mean for the Model Group?

Acting sustainably is part of Model’s history. It is part of who we are and it is part of our present. We have set ambitions in the areas of quality, the environment, employees and the supply chain, and we act accordingly.

What is Model doing as far as sustainability is concerned?

We have been acting sustainably since the company was founded, as paper is a product made from sustainably growing raw materials and produced in a closed paper cycle. The cycle begins with the production of paper from waste card and paper. We use the paper to produce corrugated board from which we make packaging. After delivery and consumption of the packaging, we collect it from our customers. Resource-intensive production processes, such as paper manufacturing, are guided using energy and environmental management in line with ISO standards to ensure that they undergo continuous improvement

What trends and potential for improvement does Model see in relation to the sustainable production of packaging?

Less packaging: as little packaging as possible, or just as much as needed to protect the packaged products. We help you optimise your packaging in line with this motto.

Eco-friendly design: during product development, we analyse the negative environmental effects over the entire lifecycle and take steps to minimise them. This includes customised constructions that use less energy in manufacturing and generate less waste. In addition, we work with lower paper grammage, leading to lightweight cardboard. Lightweight cardboard needs less raw material, and its transport consumes less fuel and emits less CO₂.

Plastic replacement:corrugated board packaging is a sustainable, recyclable alternative to plastic.

Does Model have documentation relating to sustainability?
What are the certifications of Model?
  • ISO 9001 Quality management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental management
  • ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety
  • ISO 50001 Energy management
  • BRC Packaging product safety and hygiene
  • FSC Sustainable forestry
  • PSD Process Standard Digital
  • SMETA Confirmation of SEDEX
  • AEO Authorised economic operator for customs – security check
  • CO₂ Carbon-neutral


Has Model laid down its environmental guidelines in writing?

Our environmental guidelines are part of our Code of Conduct.

What is Model doing in terms of renewable energy?

Where possible, we draw energy for our manufacturing plants from climate-neutral or renewable energy sources.

What is Model doing in terms of reducing/minimising CO₂ emissions?
  • Creating paper from waste paper, collected as locally as possible.
  • Use of recycled fibre instead of virgin fibre.
  • Avoidance of empty lorry trips through transport back of used paper or third-party goods.
  • Production of climate-neutral packaging on customer request.
  • Our paper factories draw on district heating, which is almost carbon neutral.
  • Thermal insulation of production halls.
  • Purchase of modern, energy-efficient generators.
  • Replacement of old lighting systems with LEDs.
  • Purchase of electric forklift trucks
What is Model doing in terms of water consumption and treating wastewater?

We repeatedly use water for paper manufacturing in an internal water cycle. We purify it in our own treatment plants and use fresh water to replace the water that cannot be recovered during the manufacturing process. We dispose of our wastewater in compliance with local environmental legislation.

What is Model doing in terms of conserving biodiversity?

Our fields of activity do not have a measurable negative impact on biodiversity.

What is Model doing in terms of waste and recycling?

We work with an integrated waste concept that aims to recycle as much waste as possible. 100% of the stamping waste generated through packaging manufacturing is returned to the paper cycle. In addition, we bring our customers’ waste paper back into our paper cycle.


What steps is Model taking to uphold human rights?

We are a SEDEX-certified (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) company and comply with ethical and social standards. We adhere to all national and international human rights conventions.

How does Model safeguard its employees’ rights?

As a SEDEX-certified company, we carry out regular internal and external audits looking at all the measurable SEDEX criteria.


What are the ingredients of cardboard/paper?

Cardboard is composed of approximately 95% fibre and other additives.

The fibre used is in the form of pulp (mechanical fibre separation), cellulose (chemical fibre separation) and waste paper.

The additives include natural and synthetic dyes, adhesives and starches, plus fillers to create a smooth paper surface.


Supply chain

Is there a Code of Conduct for Model’s suppliers?

Our suppliers’ behaviour must comply with our Code of Conduct.

Does Model look at social and environmental aspects when assessing its suppliers?

Yes, our key suppliers are subject to comprehensive tests.